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The Flood Never Gets the Last Word

(The flood in your life may not be literal, but many of us are feeling overwhelmed in some way today. Keep going.)

The things we witness in a lifetime

the experiences we never imagine

could become ours for we are

too smart too smug too gifted

why it’s outside our experience

so it must not be possible

it will never happen to us...

But... it will in this world

where there are

none good but God

and God is often silent and we

sit and wait for our salvation

Oh yes it will

For we have misunderstood the way

this life can be and have listened to

preachers of easy religion and prophets

of consumerism and others who ignore

the truth that “the sun rises on the evil

and the good and the rain falls on the just

and the unjust” no matter your tribe

This life visited by the power of mystery and

randomness and random sin and the cumulative

power of our decisions and those of others

some of whom we will never meet and some who

have taken this life and its purposes far too casually

and the great unstoppable currents of nature too

And so ...

We submit to the flood or we band together

in humility and trust and stand against the dark

and shine the light of love and go and do our

best to be the lens of God’s fierce healing and

God’s mind and heart and hands and feet and

pocketbook at work in unifying love, God doing God’s

redemption thing for us and with us and in us and

through us and even if we fail it will only be for

a season for our end game is secure for nothing

can overcome the love of God and God’s best

and final intentions for God’s children, and

that is all of us.

The floods of this life, real or metaphorical, never get the last word.

The last word belongs to the Word and the Word is Light

and the darkness can never overcome this Light,

this Love of God, creative pronouncement that holds

us close in the heart of God and drenches us with grace

and hope and, finally, peace, not like the world gives

but the transcendent peace of God.

Keep going. Fear not.

Stand, resist, and sing — Hallelujah.

Grace and peace,

Bob Guffey

(-2 Corinthians 4:1, 12)


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