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Music plays an intentional and meaningful role in the life of Freemason Street.


In worship, it is purposefully designed to reflect our community’s effort to seek spiritual depth and divine interaction. Our choices musically seek to avoid oversimplified theology and superficial listening and singing experiences. God’s majesty, mystery, grace, spirit, complexity, and beauty as well as humankind’s diversity of experience and expression is enthusiastically explored through music from a diversity of centuries, nations and languages.


There is an array of opportunities for participation in the many ensembles listed below!

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  • We are a worshiping body of believers who profess Jesus Christ as Lord.
    As a church, we believe our first purpose is to worship God and share the Good News of God’s loving grace in Christ to a hurting world. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are the foundation of our faith. We know Christ through Holy Scriptures and believe the Bible to have been inspired by God. We believe the Holy Spirit works within each person to reveal God’s truth directly to each person and to help us understand and interpret God’s word.
  • We value missions.
    Jesus’ call to love neighbor as self requires us to share God’s love by putting to use our time, energy, credibility, gifts, talents, and financial resources to meet the needs of the world. Each member is encouraged to seek and vigorously live into God’s call of service and love by living lives of mercy and justice and sharing the “good news” of Christ.
  • We value being the family of God.
    We are here to nurture each other throughout the journey of life, to encourage spiritual growth and maturity, to comfort the wounded and celebrate with the joyful. Through worship, ministry, and mission, we seek to be a family of faith and we invite you to join us.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the church!

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