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Saying Thanks Still

(There are times when social media does you the favor of recycling around to remind you of something you wrote on the same day in years past. That's the case with this prayer. I wrote it about this time of year during the worst of the pandemic. Spring was coming, Easter was near. God's dependability in creation was inspiring. Wherever you are today, emotionally, spiritually or geographically, what can you say "Thank you" for? I, for one, am thankful for the gift of readers just like you. Grace and peace,Bob Guffey)

Thank you, God,

for sun and sky

and clouds and grass

and trees and flowers

and the river that flows

near my house

and the flowers blooming

in our yards and the rabbits

and the birds-in-general

and, especially, the egrets

and the bald eagle that

soars untouchable over

our neighborhood.

Thank you for the smiles

and waves of friends

and neighbors

and the paradoxically

distant emotional embraces

we share as we pass one

another on opposite sides

of the street walking our lovely,

happy dogs during this time

when physical embrace is rare.

Thank you for the play

of children in close watch

of parents in their yards.

Thank you, God, for the

feel of spring and even the

powdery yellow pollen

that covers my car, another

sign of life’s rhythm and

renewal (though, I know, I

usually complain of its coming).

Thank you for people who care

for one another and for your world.

Thank you for a future with hope

because that is your nature.

Thank you for provisions

enough for today.

Thank you for opening

my usually distracted, busy eyes

to so much I have cherished

but have failed to see for too long.

Thank you for this listing

of gratitude and thanksgiving

that could likely go on and

on and on and on and on

because, even in the most

difficult of human times

your love and mercy and grace

and compassion and justice

persevere and sustain

and are planting themselves

deep again in our souls

bringing peace,


Thank you.




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