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A Prayer for Gospel Communion (All Saints)

All Saints Day Sundays have become among the most meaningful Sundays of our year in worship for me. Remembering those we have lost, who live now in the fulness of the presence of God brings tears of grief and joy intermingled. I pray we of this generation of faith will live with gratitude the lives we have been called to by God and be inspired by those gracious, faithful souls upon whose shoulders we stand. Thanks be to God.

O Lord,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

make us fit carriers of The Gospel,

the Good News about Jesus.

Let us confess our sin and earnestly

beg to know the grace of God

that brings inner peace and reignites

our dreams of how your church,

our families, our towns

and your world should be.

Empower us to be dreamers and doers

of light not darkness

of life not death

of health not sickness

of love not hate

of service not power

of wholeness not loss

of peace not war

of hope not despair

of friendship not cynicism

of grace not guilt

of belonging not alienation

of reconciliation not estrangement

of moral purity not dissolution

of Christ-likeness not self-centeredness

of the image of God

and the hopes of God

and the good will of God

come true.

Please make us ready to carry the gospel,

even though we know it is shaped like the cross,

the ultimate answer to evil

and the means of our redemption.

Help us get ready for this, too, O Lord.


Grace and Peace,



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