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A Church with a Heart in the Heart of the City

Freemason Street is an active, open-hearted and open-minded community of committed Christians.

At Freemason Street, we delight in the diversity of personality, thought, and theology.

As is characteristic of our Baptist heritage, we do not ascribe to formal creeds, nor do we assume all members think alike. Baptists have long held that no individual has the right to impose a statement of faith upon another. Each believer must be involved in this living faith in Christ, working out his or her own relationship with God.

Worshiping God
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Serving Our Neighbors
Developing Disciples
Deepening Relationships

A Different Kind of Baptist

An open-hearted and open-minded community of faith, rooted in the Baptist tradition.

Welcome from Our Pastor

"It's just that I wasn't so sure the church, with its rituals and traditions and sometimes—at least in my experience—closed-mindedness and self-centeredness, might be the place where we might experience life with meaning."

Meet Pastor Bob Guffey, hear his story, and discover what it means to him and to Freemason Street to live a life with meaning and make a difference.



  • Church Wide Book Study: Called to Reconciliation by Dr. Jay Augustine
    Feb 19, 3:00 PM – Feb 20, 5:00 PM
    Norfolk, 400 E Freemason St, Norfolk, VA 23510, USA
    Join us in reading Called to Reconciliation by Dr. Jay Augustine after his visit this past November. Hosted by the Men's Book Club
  • Womens Bible Study 2023
    Feb 27, 7:30 PM
    Join us for Womens Bible Study 2023 as we journey through Celebrating Sabbath: Accepting God’s Gift of Rest and Delight. By purchasing a ticket online, you are paying for the Bible study book.
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