Baptists historically believe the Bible is our primary source for faith and practice.  Thus, at Freemason Street,scripture is at the heart of what we explore in our Sunday morning worship.  Often our call to worship is adapted from a Psalm, hymn choices are made based on the scripture readings and sermon, and the anthem is meant to aid the worshiper to either prepare for the reading of the Word or to reflect on the proclamation of the Word.

Scripture is typically read from our lectern, which is in the shape of an eagle.  Throughout Christian history, the eagle has been recognized as a symbol of the visionary and prophetic Word of God.  In early Christian iconography, the eagle was associated with the cherubim that make up the throne of God in Ezekiel and Revelation, appearing in forms of a winged human, winged lion, winged bull, and an eagle.  Traditionally, each animal represents one of the canonical gospels: the winged human for Matthew, who reveals Jesus as sage and teacher; the winged lion for Mark, who reveals Jesus as a powerful but egalitarian leader; the winged bull for Luke, who reveals Jesus as priest and healer; and the eagle for John, who reveals Jesus as the incarnation of God.

Through the reading of scripture and proclamation of the Word, worshippers at Freemason Street are taught, challenged, healed, and inspired by the good news of Jesus the Christ.

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