Just as there is a January to December calendar, early Christians developed a “church” calendar to both provide a rhythm to faithful living, but also to continually remind us of God’s presence in our lives. The calendar developed out of the “liturgical” church – those congregations which use a specific book of prayer or proscribed worship style. Cherishing the “free church tradition” of autonomy, Baptists often give little attention to this calendar.


At Freemason Street, we understand the liturgical calendar can encourage us to ponder Christ’s life as well as glean insight about Christ-like living amid the symbols. Thus, we follow the Christian Calendar as a way to remember and rehearse the life of Jesus the Christ.  In this light, we observe the following “seasons” of the church calendar:

ADVENT – the four Sunday’s prior to Christmas encourage us to prepare our hearts to receive God’s greatest gift in the birth of Jesus.

CHRISTMASTIDE – the twelve days between December 25 and January 6, set aside for the celebration of Christ’s presence among us.

EPIPHANY – This season, which begins with January 6, celebrates the “epiphany” or “manifestation” of Christ to the world.

LENT – the seven weeks prior to Easter traditionally used to meditate on our reliance upon God for life, forgiveness and Jesus’ call for his followers to sacrifice and empty one’s self.

EASTERTIDE – including Easter, it is a time to celebrate the resurrection and ever-living presence of Christ in our lives and our assurance of life everlasting.

PENTECOST – fifty days after Easter, Pentecost reminds us of the ever-present Spirit at work liberating and transforming our lives and our world.

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