Traditional Baptists believe that no individual has the right to impose a statement of faith upon another. Each person must work out their own relationship with God. So, at Freemason Street, we do not ascribe to a “creed” nor do we suggest all members think alike. At Freemason Street, we delight in the diversity of personality, thought and theology.

However, there are some core elements of faith which we uphold:

Who is Freemason Street Baptist Church?

We are a worshiping body of believers who profess Jesus Christ as Lord.

The life and teachings of Jesus are the foundation of our faith. We know him through Holy Scriptures – the Bible – inspired by God who reveals His truth directly to us. The church exists to worship God and share the Good News of God’s loving grace in Christ to a hurting world.

We value the Priesthood of every Believer.

Each individual at Freemason Street is on a spiritual pilgrimage and is nurtured toward a personal encounter with God, our Creator in Christ Jesus, our Redeemer, by the Holy Spirit, our Sustainer. We feel no one has the right to enforce a creed or manipulate others. We respect the individual conscience.

We value missions and evangelism.

Jesus’ call to love neighbor as self requires us to use our gifts and talents to meet the needs of the world and share God’s love. Therefore, each member is encouraged to seek God’s call of service – to love God, live lives of mercy and justice and share the “Good News” in Christ.

We value being the Family of God – the church.

We are a “covenant community” – united in serving God and our world. We are here for each other throughout the journey of life, to encourage spiritual growth and maturity, to comfort the wounded and celebrate with the joyful. Through worship and ministry, we seek to be a family of faith.

We promote the free church in a free state.

As Baptists, we affirm each congregation as self-governing, even while seeking ecumenical relationships. We also support a clear separation of church and state where each person can freely worship their God by the dictates of their conscience.

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9:45am – Christian Formation Opportunities

11:00am – Online Worship Service
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7:00pm – Evening Worship and Prayers via Zoom


8:30am – The Norfolk Street Choir Project (showers, breakfast, and activities)

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