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We are excited about your wedding, and our prayers are for God to bless you not only during your wedding ceremony, but throughout your married life together.


A Christian marriage is always a joyful event, not only for the couple getting married and their family and friends, but also for the congregation in whose Sanctuary the marriage is celebrated. It is assumed that those wishing to be married at Freemason Street Baptist Church believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ; the language conveying such beliefs is to be found throughout the vows, prayers and music.

In our congregation we believe that a covenant of Christian Marriage is one in which the bride and groom make promises not only to each other but to the God and Father of the entire human family. We believe that families are the foundation of society. Anything this congregation can do to enrich and strengthen marriage, and thereby families, is one of the ways we contribute to the mutual happiness and wellbeing of society. For these reasons we are delighted that you have chosen this church for such a singular event as your wedding.

For wedding guidelines and policies, you can

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