In 1995, Freemason Street Baptist Church began a partnership ministry with Baptist congregations in Cuba through the Fraternity of Baptists. Over the years, deep and meaningful Christian relationships have developed between our Norfolk church and the congregations in Matanzas.

The purpose of this mission is:

  • To share the love of Christ with the people of Cuba;
  • To practice the example Christ gave us in giving and receiving hospitality;
  • To provide fellowship with our own church and the Cuban churches in order to deepen our relationships with each;
  • To provide humanitarian aid and encouragement to the church families of the island nation
  • To explore our inward self as well as our outward relationship in the local and global community;
  • To allow the love of Christ to break down barriers of culture and language;
  • To promote justice, peace, and mutual understanding between the peoples of Cuba and the United States;
  • To see our world through the eyes of Christ in a discipleship which calls us beyond our comfort zone;
  • To raise funds for the mission to better experience work as servants, increase interaction with church members and the community;
  • To inform the Freemason Street family and the larger Norfolk community of our experience in Cuba and encourage others to mission  service;
  • To practice the traits of Christ to develop depth in spiritual relationships with Christ, others, and self.
  • Adopted  August 2, 2003

For over a decade teams from FSBC have traveled to the island of Cuba to fellowship, provide encouragement, offer humanitarian aid and learn from one another. Relationships formed on these trips last a lifetime, and we are always looking for new participants! The next trip to our sister church in Matanzas is in 2013.

Called to serve?  Contact Michael Sciretti at  625-7579 or

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