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A School of Christian Formation: More Than Traditional Sunday School

What if we are like seeds planted in soil?  And what if the only way for us to become a fully grown tree is to be placed in quality soil and to receive quality nourishment?  Using this metaphor, think of Sunday morning as the rich soil in which you place yourself so as to receive the proper amount of food, safety, and light.  On Sunday mornings a Companions in Christ group begins meeting at 8:45 and the choir gathers at 9:00 for rehearsal.  At 9:30 you might find some youth and adults gathered in Williams Hall around our new welcome & coffee center or mingling outside in the courtyard, while our children go to preschool and children’s choirs before beginning their Sunday School.  At 9:40ish, the youth and adults scatter to their chosen Sunday School class.  Finally, we will regather for a time of communal worship in our beautiful sanctuary.

What if Jesus meant quite literally that we are to be his disciples, his “students”?  This would mean that he is our Teacher and that we have entered into his School.  Traditionally, people have gathered together prior to worship for a time of “Sunday School.”  At Freemason Street we continue this tradition but link it to the even more ancient understanding of the Christian community as a “School” of love, transformation, and service.

Using this metaphor, think of our Christian formation options as specific “classes” whereby Jesus as your Teacher “schools” you in his vision, values and mission.  Some of these “classes” are offered on Sunday mornings while others such as Companions in Christ [link below] are offered at various times during the week. [BELOW WILL BE IN ACCORDIAN]

Melton/MalMborg Class MH 203

A dialogically oriented and inclusive fellowship centered on studying the Bible and learning how to apply the teachings to our everyday lives.  Membership is made up of individuals middle age to seniors. Beginning Sept. 16th, Steve Shaw will continue using the Uniform Adult Bible Series.  Ruth Martin is the President and Care Group Leader.

Lumpkin Class MH 202

A discussion-oriented class that studies the Bible and theology.  In this class you’ll find parents of college students, recent retirees, as well as seniors – anyone is welcome to come.  Tim Dixon is the teacher.

Metanoia Class MH 205

An open, intergenerational class that studies the contemplative dimension of the gospel, especially geared toward people seeking spiritual transformation through contemplative teachings and practices gleaned from the scriptures.  This Fall the class is studying James.  Michael Sciretti, Jr. is the teacher and Pete Gannon is the Care Group Leader.

Three solas Class MH Conference Room

A discussion-oriented class that examines what the Word of God says and discusses what it means.  We will obtain the grist for group discussions from various sources, often books.  This fall we will be working through Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven.  Chris Clagett is the teacher.

Young Adult Class MH 204

An open, discussion-oriented class that will begin this fall with “Superheroes and Everyday Faith.” Using our cultural icons from graphic novels and movies, we’ll see how our culture both taints our Biblical understanding but also provides insight in Jesus’ ideas of power, morality and God’s Kingdom.”  In November and December we’ll study the Gospel of Mark.  Pastor Steve Jolly is the teacher and Evan Van Leeuwen III is the Care Group Leader.

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