Jesus regularly went away to a solitary place to rest and renew himself.  Often, he exhorted his students to do the same with him as their guide.  As present-day students of Jesus, it is important for us to follow our Lord in this practice of spiritual retreat.  Here at Freemason Street, we regularly offer opportunities to spend time in rest, reflection, and prayer.




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As well as the wonder of meeting the church family, one of the perks of being in the first months as "new" to Freemason Street is the journey of discovery while learning the history of the church. This copy of an old newspaper article has both history and whimsy at work and made me smile. Our past was colorful. God's future for Freemason Street will push us toward adventures of the spiritual kind, yet to be lived into, and to the glory of God. -bg

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FSBC News - May 23

News to Read & Share this Week

News to Read & Share this Week

To seek to transform lives by worshiping God building relationships developing disciples and serving our neighbors

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