Central to the life of our church is the worship of God. In worship, we encounter the Living Lord who comforts us in our hurts and confronts us in our complacency. In worship, we come to know what it means to be the children of God and live in community. Finally, it is in worship we glean God’s calling and vision for our lives, both as individuals and corporately.


Our Style: Relaxed Formal

Our style of worship might be defined as “relaxed formal.” The atmosphere is warm and caring. Yet, in both the architecture and liturgy, we seek the mystery and awe of God’s presence amid the love and grace we know through Jesus Christ. From the classical tradition, Music is uplifting and high quality. Sermons focus on helping individuals thoughtfully relate ancient truths to contemporary living. Thus at the center of our worship is the joyful proclamation of God’s eternal care and that Jesus is the Christ, the full expression of God’s redemptive work.

Our Pattern: Ancient & New

Worship at Freemason Street adapts the ancient fourfold pattern of worship. We always begin with a time of Gathering through litany and song.  We Give Thanks for God’s Goodness through the pastoral Prayer & Meditation and the offering.  Reflecting on God’s Word through: scripture readings, an anthem, and a sermon, is central.  Finally, through Responding in Faith and Service, we commit ourselves to God’s vision and mission, being dismissed to be God’s hands and feet in the world.

Our Template: The Life of Christ

Observing the special seasons of the church year such as Advent and Lent, Freemason Street calls people to not only remember what God has done for us in the past, but reminds us God is still at work in this world and in our lives. We are not alone nor are we adrift on life’s journey. We are held instead in the tender, loving, and patient hands of a God who loves us enough to send His own Son to be with us.  Thus, we follow the Christian Calendar as a way to remember and rehearse the life of Jesus the Christ.

Coffee Hour Fellowship

Following worship, there is a “coffee hour.” This is a time when we get to know guests on a first name basis and for them to learn more about the life and ministry of the congregation. Whether looking for a church home or just passing through the area, we are happy to have all who have chosen to worship with us and this gives us an opportunity to tell them so.

Special Services

Special worship services are held Thanksgiving Day (with Ohef Sholom Temple), Christmas Eve and during Holy Week.

FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

(Our Lenten journey through Jesus' last words from the cross are proving transformational for this pastor. Walking this way with you is a gift from God for which I am grateful. -bg)

-Bob Guffey

There it was again: “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

I was reading the “Seven Last Words” of Jesus from the cross, and had come to the Third Word – “Woman, behold your son. Behold your mother” – and there it was again.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.” (John 19:26)

The common assumption is those words have come from the writing voice of John the Apostle, the author of the gospel in which we find these words repeated several times.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

Usually when I read those words in the setting of a bible study group, someone will remark, “Well, that John sure thought a lot of him himself, didn’t he?”

The longer I have read that passage though, I do not think so.

This is John – John, as in the brothers, James and John, who Jesus named “Sons of Thunder.” (Mark 3:17)

This is John who, with his brother, came boldly to Jesus demanding to sit in authority with Jesus in his kingdom. (Mark 20:37)

This is John who wants to call fire down to consume a Samaritan village that has rejected Jesus. (Luke 9:54) This is John who gets it wrong again and again.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

I’ve come to read these words differently, especially if this is, indeed, the apostle John.

What I hear now is this.

I hear John writing: “The disciple whom Jesus loved? Can it be? After all I have gotten wrong? The disciple whom Jesus loved! Can it be? Jesus loves even me!”

That’s me, too. I see my life and all that I have done and left undone.

I see hopes fulfilled, and dreams left empty. I see successes and failures.

I see where I have not lived up to the standard set by Christ resident in me, Christ, “the hope of glory.”

I look in amazement at his face at the cross and say, “The disciple whom Jesus loved?”

Yes, even me.

Even you, too.

Grace and peace,


Robert Guffey

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There will be a Congregational Meeting & Potluck this Sunday immediately following Worship.

Congregational Meeting & Prayer Retreat

Congregational Meeting & Prayer Retreat

To seek to transform lives by worshiping God building relationships developing disciples and serving our neighbors

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