Short Term Bible Studies

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Adult Sunday School: 9:45 to 10:45

DISCIPLE Bible Study – Conference Room

DISCIPLE Bible Study is ideal for busy people who want to fit a comprehensive Bible study into their schedule.  The study emphasizes the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. DISCIPLE draws upon the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participants, and dynamic group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible.

This class will meet each Sunday morning for 12 weeks in the fall studying the Old Testament and for 12 weeks in the spring studying the New Testament. Daily preparation is manageable, with only 3–5 chapters of the Bible to read each day. The weekly session lasts 60 minutes.  A weekly video helps participants remember what they have learned and leads into sharing insights related to the week’s readings. A Spiritual Gift component helps participants to explore their own spiritual gifts and determine meaningful places of service. Suggestions for Old and New Testament Celebrations are included to increase the fellowship and fun of DISCIPLE.


The Lumpkin Bible Class and the Melton-Malmberg Class

For the fall semester, these classes are combining. The class is a discussion- oriented fellowship centered on the Bible & learning how to apply its teachings to our everyday lives. Currently the BaptistWay Adult Bible Study Guide is the basis of study. Membership is made up of individuals middle age to seniors.  Anyone is welcome to come.


Pathways to Prayer – Bride’s Room (next to sanctuary elevator)

Pathways to Prayer is a new offering this fall. It is both a class and a working prayer group at FSBC. Class time is divided into two parts: study of books on prayer and various prayer practices, and active prayer. Prayers will conclude with a blessing of those who will lead us in worship.

The first book we will study is The Book of Not So Common Prayer by Linda McCullough Moore. Her goal is to lead believers to pray for an hour a day, divided into 4 instances of 15 minutes each. Our first goal will be to develop a daily prayer routine. The focus will be on being faithful each day. Our prayer life will grow as we move forward from there.

Our second book will be The Lord and His Prayer by NT Wright. It is a series of sermons that he preached during Advent as he meditated on the Lord’s Prayer. The study of this book will take the class through Christmastide.

During this time we will learn various prayer practices – singing prayer, lectio divina, written prayer, praying with our bodies, praying Scripture, and praying the prayers of others.

This is a class for all believers. All who are interested are warmly welcomed. Encouragement and patience will be our watchwords as we learn together.


Opportunities During the Week

The FSBC Prayer Ministry Team

When –2nd & 4th Saturday mornings, 8:00 – 9:00 am in the chapel, Williams Hall

To request prayer:

The FSBC Prayer Ministry Team was formed in December of 2014, with the aim of making prayer a priority through the transition process. We now recognize how important prayer is to our church, through every season.

All are invited to attend. These meetings have rotating leadership, so that we can share different methods of prayer with each other. We seek God on behalf of our church, its staff and lay leaders, as well as interceding for church members and the community. The team also includes an email prayer chain of members who commit to pray for requests received by email.


The Lunch Bunch

When – Once every two weeks for lunch, discussion, and fellowship

The Lunch Bunch is a group of women who get together to discuss books and build relationships. Last year the group studied works by Nadia Bolz-Weber and Rachel Held Evans. They meet at lunchtime, various days, usually every other week, but it depends on work schedules. Currently the group is deciding on where to meet and what book to read for discussion.


Tuesday Morning Ladies Group

When – 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 10 am in 3rd floor Meditation Room, Williams Hall

This group started as a Companions in Christ group and has continued on. The group selects books to study/discuss. This fall the ladies will study The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It by Peter Enns.  


FSBC Men’s Book Club

When – 3rd Mondays at 6:30 pm

The Freemason Street Baptist Church Men’s Book Club (MBC) will meet September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, and June. Meetings typically last until about 8:00 pm and include a light meal. The men read quality fiction (Pulitzer Prize winners in some cases), biographies, autobiographies, war history, history, current events, and whatever else may be of interest. All men are welcome.  The September meeting will be September 19 and will explore The Billion Dollar Spy by David E. Hoffman.


FSBC Craft Time

When – 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 1 to 3 pm

The FSBC Quilt Class is expanding to include other crafty friends. Bring knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, quilting, scrap booking, or other hand crafts. We will meet starting September 8th in the Fellowship Hall.

FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

(Our Lenten journey through Jesus' last words from the cross are proving transformational for this pastor. Walking this way with you is a gift from God for which I am grateful. -bg)

-Bob Guffey

There it was again: “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

I was reading the “Seven Last Words” of Jesus from the cross, and had come to the Third Word – “Woman, behold your son. Behold your mother” – and there it was again.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.” (John 19:26)

The common assumption is those words have come from the writing voice of John the Apostle, the author of the gospel in which we find these words repeated several times.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

Usually when I read those words in the setting of a bible study group, someone will remark, “Well, that John sure thought a lot of him himself, didn’t he?”

The longer I have read that passage though, I do not think so.

This is John – John, as in the brothers, James and John, who Jesus named “Sons of Thunder.” (Mark 3:17)

This is John who, with his brother, came boldly to Jesus demanding to sit in authority with Jesus in his kingdom. (Mark 20:37)

This is John who wants to call fire down to consume a Samaritan village that has rejected Jesus. (Luke 9:54) This is John who gets it wrong again and again.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

I’ve come to read these words differently, especially if this is, indeed, the apostle John.

What I hear now is this.

I hear John writing: “The disciple whom Jesus loved? Can it be? After all I have gotten wrong? The disciple whom Jesus loved! Can it be? Jesus loves even me!”

That’s me, too. I see my life and all that I have done and left undone.

I see hopes fulfilled, and dreams left empty. I see successes and failures.

I see where I have not lived up to the standard set by Christ resident in me, Christ, “the hope of glory.”

I look in amazement at his face at the cross and say, “The disciple whom Jesus loved?”

Yes, even me.

Even you, too.

Grace and peace,


Robert Guffey

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There will be a Congregational Meeting & Potluck this Sunday immediately following Worship.

Congregational Meeting & Prayer Retreat

Congregational Meeting & Prayer Retreat

To seek to transform lives by worshiping God building relationships developing disciples and serving our neighbors

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