Vision – To be part of Christ’s transforming work in us and through us in downtown Norfolk and wherever we are called to be the presence of Christ.

Mission – To seek to transform lives by worshiping God, building relationships, developing disciples, and serving our neighbors.

Council Meeting Minutes: January-April 2017 (pdf)

Congregational Meeting Minutes: February 2017 (pdf), March 2017 (pdf)

2017 Church Council

  • Senior PastorDr. Robert Guffey, Jr.
    • Serves as Spiritual Leader of Church. Guides and Encourages Lay Leaders, Council Ministries and Congregation to work toward FSBC’s Vision and Mission. Leads the Pastoral Care Team, Mentors Deacons, Leads and Supports the Ministerial/Ordained Staff and Engages with Outside Faith Community Members and Leaders.
  • MissionsCarol Johnson, Chair
    • Coordinates Mission Opportunities within set yearly goals and budget, and Seeks “Quality over Quantity” Missions that Invigorate the Church and Faithfully Serve the Community.
  • Christian FormationJane Bailey, Chair
    • Coordinates Christian Education, Stewardship, Discipleship Training, Spiritual Formation, and Children and Youth Programs within goals and budget.
  • Worship and MusicKay Stovall, Chair
    • Guides support of the worship service and assists staff in planning lay participation. Facilitates preparation of the sanctuary for liturgical seasons and special services.  Provides logistical support for baptism*, communion*, offering*, ushers, greeters, and flower ministry.  Provides feedback to the Senior Pastor and Director of Music.
      *as needed by deacons
  • Congregational CareDeborah Antony, Chair
    • Deacon-led Ministry, responsibilities include Giving Guidance and Care to Members, New Members and Visitors, Building Relationships within FSBC. Overseeing Social Team, Handling Grief & Bereavement, Visitation, Prayer, Fellowship & Joy.
  • AdministrationNancy Clagett, Chair
    • Coordinates with Support Teams, including Personnel, Property, and Finance.
  • CommunicationsJoelle Jakubowski, Chair
    • Responsible for Communications within FSBC – between Church Council, Ministries and Congregation, as well as to the Community Outside. Includes Church Website, Social Media, Church Calendar, and Public Relations. Is supported by the Council-Appointed Clerk.
  • At-Large Members
    • Tim Dixon
    • Richard Reed
    • Tripp Van Leeuwen
  • Clerk – Michele Weigle
    • Maintains Church calendar and records minutes of Church Council meetings and Church Congregational meetings
  • TreasurerDonna Ferguson
    • Assistant Treasurer – Kim Winslow

FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

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To seek to transform lives by worshiping God building relationships developing disciples and serving our neighbors

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FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

Freemason Street is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Virginia General Association of Baptists.

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