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25 Aug 2013


Welcome to Freemason Street Baptist Church in downtown Norfolk, Virginia!

Freemason Street is an active, open-hearted and open-minded community of committed Christians. Here, all are encouraged to seek God’s presence and practice being the heart and hands of Christ in our world.

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FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

This Saturday in Portsmouth is a wonderful opportunity to see some other beautiful and historic places of worship in the area.

FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

May 4th 9:40am • No Comments

So, where but at Freemason Street Baptist Church can you hear the steeple bells play tribute to NATO, to St. George and to Prince? Thank you, Sean Bilby for sharing your talents!

It was fun to hear a little girl shout out cheerfully - "Hey, that's Purple Rain!"

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