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25 Aug 2013


Welcome to Freemason Street Baptist Church in downtown Norfolk, Virginia!

Freemason Street is an active, open-hearted and open-minded community of committed Christians. Here, all are encouraged to seek God’s presence and practice being the heart and hands of Christ in our world.

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FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church

This is a picture of Dr. Randy Ashcraft preaching in the church at Mantanzas, Cuba. Our Mission team arrived home safely late Monday night. They had a great trip and will be sharing about how the community in Mantanzas is doing sometime in the next month.
Thank you for your prayers!

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FSBC - Freemason Street Baptist Church shared their event.

Prayer Vigil

Prayer Vigil

To prepare for the new beginning the fall season brings, we are setting aside time to pray. On Saturday, September 5th, we'll hold a 24-hour prayer vigil in the chapel. We'd love for you to be a part of it. It will start with our regular prayer team meeting at 8:00am on Saturday morning and go until 8:00am Sunday morning. You can sign up to pray for an hour of that time on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.

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